Regain Your Youthful Energy

You can restore your youthful energy levels. Now is the time to harness the power of natural medicine with the guidance of an experienced doctor and coach. Dr. Mittag will provide you a roadmap to get your youthful energy back.

About Dr. Mittag

Dr. Harlan Mittag has spent the past 38 years helping clients regain their health through natural medicine. He provides clients with the knowledge and tools they need to significantly transform their health as quickly as possible.

Programs & Services

The Metabolic Renewal Program

For men and women 40 years and older who are experiencing declining energy, chronic fatigue and other metabolic dysfunctions.

Natural Medicine Consultations

If you've gotten stuck trying to make natural medicine work for you, consider doing a consultation with Dr. Mittag.

Pain Relief Technologies

Dr. Mittag has been providing patients solutions to chronic pain for the past 38 years. He is an expert in functional medicine, chiropractic and new technologies for pain relief.

Dr. Mittag has helped these great folks overcome fatigue and get their health back.

Complaints: Hand, elbow, knee, ankle, foot pain and swelling.

Diagnosis: Rheumatoid arthritis

Treatment: Immune system testing to identify and eliminate reactive foods & environmental chemicals.

Results: Over 7 months was able to get off meds and experienced 90% improvement in pain complaints.

Mary W.

Complaints: Fatigue, 2 years of daily stomach cramps, unable to lose weight.

Treatment: Food sensitivity testing to identify and eliminate reactive foods. Energy nutrients.

Results: Stomach cramps resolved in 2 days, lost 8 pounds in first week, & energy level improved 30%.

Angela J.

What is functional medicine?

Functional Medicine (FM) uses the investigative tools of modern science to identify the underlying cause(s) of illness and disease. After identifying the root causes of conditions such as fatigue, weight loss resistance, prediabetes and diabetes, autoimmune conditions and neurodegenerative disease, FM applies the principles of natural medicine to eliminate these root causes and restore health.

What is the difference between a conventional medicine and functional medicine?

Conventional medicine works to stabilize disease states and prevent their progression through drugs, surgery and other means.

Functional medicine (FM) works to remove the underlying causes of illness and allow the body to reassert a healthy state. FM uses stress reduction, sleep optimization, probiotics, detoxification, diet and nutrition, herbs and nutraceuticals, exercise and breathing to restore health.

How much does functional medicine cost?

The cost of functional medicine varies depending on your needs. Dr. Mittag offers both personal consultations and group coaching programs. Most clients find that the Metabolic Renewal Program with group coaching provides the guidance and support they need to accomplish their health goals.